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Quality guidelines

flexi-guide takes care of the quality all records. This is for the purpose of your custom and therefore also in your own interest.

  • Pictures and texts containing meat, fish or seafood are not desired. These ingredients are allowed in the section «Menu cards».
  • Please write meaningful and significant contents.
  • Please enter grammatically correct and accurate contents.
  • Please use always capital and small letters when writing. The general netiquette of e-communication applies.
  • Please check regularly the actuality of your records/contents.

Consequences after violations

We reserve a right to deactivate a profile after violations against these guidelines, or to point out lacks. To keep the high quality of the contents we expect your prompt reworking.

Closure of a profile

Following contents will lead to an immediate closure of a profile, without any warning: the profile must not show any pornographic, racist, discriminatory or unlawful, especially defamatory content, information or expression of opinion.

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Guidelines for rating and comments


flexi-guide is expecting ratings and comments of good quality. We appreciate a grammatically correct and accurate edition of texts. Please use capital and small letters. The flexi-guide team appreciates a friendly communication. The general netiquette of e-communication applies.

flexi-guide will not accept any pornographic, racist, discriminating or illegal, specially defamatory contents, information or opinions. Such ratings will be deleted.

flexi-guide does not accept any marketing ratings of the profile holder.

Examination of ratings and comments

flexi-guide examines every rating and comment.

We reserve the right to contact the sender if a lack of clarity or a disagreement would appear, to clear the situation. The sender details are only known to flexi-guide.

If the information of the sender should appear clearly wrong, this rating will be removed.

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