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More and more consumers care about what they eat. For fresh, healthy, organic, sustainably grown and fair trade products we are willing to spend a little more. For various reasons, nutrition without meat or without certain content is gaining importance.

flexi-guide aspires to become the first choice for people to which those points are important. Grab the chance to distinguish yourself towards the target audience of flexi guide! Our users are connected in large and active networks.

Today one already will find several address lists. Unfortunately, these are often only regional. But above all, the important information, such as a menu card or concrete searchable criteria, lacks. To get the needed information it's necessary to search countless websites or inquire by e-mail. With flexi-guide the guest will find all information at a glance.

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flexi-guide is young, we still build it up; but one already talks about us: Who talks about flexi-guide?

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flexi-guide – International restaurant guide and hotel finder for flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers and people who  prefer food with organic ingredients or issued from sustainable farming