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Rosenstr. 38,  70182 Stuttgart,  Germany
Phone: +49 711 237 77 70
Fax: +49
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Regional, Others

Kind of business





design, modern

Open days

Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Opening times

Breakfast, Dinner

Prices à la carte, dinner

20.00 - 50.00 Euro
(per person, excluding drinks)

Means of payment



Parking places, Bus/Train


Das Restaurant, welches zum gleichnamigen Designhotel gehört, ist eines von Stuttgarts hippsten Restaurants.
Das im Bohnenviertel gelegene Feinschmecker Restaurant wird von Karen und Axel Heldmann schon seit 1993 mit viel Liebe fürs Detail und Innovationen geführt:
goldglänzender Lackfußboden, goldpatinierte Wände, weiße Barockstühle mit rosafarbenen Satinbezügen und eine ins Rosa gehende Illumination bieten einen formidablen Rahmen, um sich einen schönen Abend machen zu können.

Ein gutes Glas Wein, ein köstliches Essen – ob Zaubermenü, vegetarisches Menü oder regionales Menü hier kann jeder genießen. Das Restaurant wurde übrigens 1996 als eines der 1. Restaurants Bio zertifiziert.

We prefer products of ecologically sustainable cultivation, fair trade, species-appropriate animal husbandry.

Menu cards


Samples of our meatless and possibly allergy-free dishes.

Our kitchen can respond to special needs as follows:
Unfortunately we can only offer what the actual menu on-site contains.

The following informations are non-committal  .

Info about the sample dishes

A fresh, seasonal cuisine needs a lot of creativity and adaptation to the availability of raw materials. What finally distinguishes a good restaurant!

The offers listed here could, therefore, not be available at the time of your visit in this business.

The sample dishes describe the style of the kitchen and provide information about the preparation of the ingredients. It also shows the possibilities the business have to serve allergen-free dishes (maybe with meat, fish and seafood).

Please ask on site for the availability of the presented dishes.

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Wildkräutersalat, Kartoffeldressing, frische Pfifferlinge 12.00 EUR


Used foods: Salads, Vegetable, Mushrooms, Herbage, Potatoes 

Label Homemade, Regional 

Allergens: -

Prices: A la Carte (per person, excluding drinks)


Mille Feuille von Schafskäse, Aprikose, Rucola, Sesam, Avocado 24.00 EUR


Used foods: Salads, Vegetable, Fruits, Herbage, Cereals, Milk product 

Label Homemade, Regional 

Allergens: -

Prices: A la Carte (per person, excluding drinks)


Hausgemachte Tagliatelle, frische Pfifferlinge 12.00 EUR


Used foods: Mushrooms, Herbage, Cereals, Eggs 

Label Homemade, Regional 

Allergens: -

Prices: A la Carte (per person, excluding drinks)


Kohlrabicremesuppe, Vanille, Pilzravioli 10.00 EUR


Used foods: Vegetable, Mushrooms, Herbage, Cereals, Milk product, Eggs 

Label Homemade, Regional 

Allergens: -

Prices: A la Carte (per person, excluding drinks)


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