Parkhotel Pforzheim

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Deimlingstrasse 32-36 ,  75175  Pforzheim,  Germany
Phone: +49 07231 161 0
Fax: +49 07231 161 690
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Kind of business

Restaurant, Hotel


elegant, modern

Open days

Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Opening times

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Nonstop hot food


Wellness offer, Spare-time offer


Das gemütliche Ambiente, der freundliche Service und die viel gelobte Küche mit frischen Produkten und Schwerpunkten auf badisch-schwäbische Spezialitäten wird Sie begeistern.

Wir verwöhnen Sie mit heimischen Produkten, regionalen Spezialitäten, saisonalen Aktionen und unserer kreativen Küche.

Samples of our meatless and possibly allergy-free dishes.

Our kitchen can respond to special needs as follows:
Unfortunately we can only offer what the actual menu on-site contains.

The following informations are non-committal  .

Info about the sample dishes

A fresh, seasonal cuisine needs a lot of creativity and adaptation to the availability of raw materials. What finally distinguishes a good restaurant!

The offers listed here could, therefore, not be available at the time of your visit in this business.

The sample dishes describe the style of the kitchen and provide information about the preparation of the ingredients. It also shows the possibilities the business have to serve allergen-free dishes (maybe with meat, fish and seafood).

Please ask on site for the availability of the presented dishes.

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Knackig frische Gartensalate 7.80 EUR

in Vinaigrette

Used foods: Salads, Herbage, Salty 

Label Homemade, Regional 

Allergens: -

Prices: A la Carte (per person, excluding drinks)


Aufgeschäumte Karotten-Ingwercremesuppe 6.40 EUR


Used foods: Vegetable, Milk product, Salty 


Allergens: -

Prices: A la Carte (per person, excluding drinks)


Tagliatelle mit frischen Pilzen in Rahm 16.80 EUR

und bunter Salatteller

Used foods: Salads, Mushrooms, Cereals, Milk product 

Label Homemade, Regional 

Allergens: -

Prices: A la Carte (per person, excluding drinks)


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