Standard business conditions

Updated june 2014

1. Terms of use

For content and any questions related to the profile, only the registering business having entered information, is responsible.

No pornographic, racist, discriminatory or unlawful, especially defamatory content, information or expression of opinion is allowed in the profile.

The profile of the registering restaurant must show at least three meatless sample dishes. Introducing meat, fish and seafood specialties as well as those photos are allowed in the area «Menus» as a PDF upload. The registering restaurant agrees, that flexi-guide checks its profile regularly for quality purpose.

fexi-guide is authorized to close, disable or delete content and profiles of restaurants who do not respect the conditions.

The profile can only be placed once per Address, even in slightly changed form.

flexi-guide can change or stop this service at any time. No right for indemnity will be accorded.

flexi-guide is liable in no way in any context with the registered profile.

No right is granted by flexi-guide to continuously be available, including its categories.

2. Data management etc.

flexi-guide does not take any responsibility for content, layout, offered products, services or other offers etc. in the registered profile. The same applies to websites that provide links to these sites. It is inadmissible to allocate these ads and messages to flexi-guide.

flexi-guide is authorized, to manage and save all entered data in a database.

flexi-guide commits to treat all data confidentially and to make no use for any other purpose then for services within flexi-guide and will never give data to third parties.

3. Fees

The registration, data acquisition, editing and unlock a profile on flexi-guide is absolutely free.

4. Withdrawal

A withdrawal is not necessary. User account and profile can be closed at any time online by the owner.

5. Decisive legislation

With capture and saving of the profile the registering restaurant accepts these conditions.

The decisive regulations of Swiss data protection/security and penal law are applicable.

Legal domicile is Bern, Switzerland

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